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Potion Shelf Dice Vault

Potion Shelf Dice Vault

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Almost immediately your eyes land on something behind the shopkeeper - a small, unassuming shelf holding a number of ornate potion bottles. The dark wood is smooth and unmarked, with surprisingly few signs of wear despite its apparent age. You notice the air around the glowing bottles seems to almost shimmer with an otherworldly energy. Following your gaze the gnomish shopkeeper smiles. “I think I know why you’re here”

The perfectly over-the-top way to store and display your most prized set of tabletop dice and small accessories. Every die is kept in its own individual potion bottle vault that is stored neatly on an enchanted shelf.

There are two small drawers in the shelf that are perfectly sized to each hold a standard sized miniature as well as one larger drawer that holds another full set of dice!

We incorporated magnets into the vault design so that each potion and drawer snaps magically into place and is held securely during storage and transport. There are hidden finger cutouts behind each bottle so that you can easily pop them right back out when you need them.

Dice and accessories shown in photos not included

All of our products are 3D printed with durable, plant-based, and nontoxic PLA filament. Each dice vault is crafted with care and individually customized with your favorite color combinations to create the perfect match for you. Makes a wonderful gift for your DnD party members or your tireless GM!

Processing time:
All items are made to order and require post processing time prior to shipping. Currently, the lead time for preparing our items to ship is between 5-7 business days.

Color Options:
Choose your color preferences from the following options for both the shelf and the set of potions.

- Mythos Black
- Ageless Walnut

Potion Bottles
- Healing Red
- Blight Green
- Eldritch Night - (Silk Green/Black)
- Polymorph - (Silk Red/Blue)
- Soulless White - (Blanks for painting)
- Assorted - Polymorph/Eldritch Night
- Assorted - Healing Red/Blight Green

Sizing and dimensions:
Holds one set of 16mm polyhedral TTRPG dice - (D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D6, D4)
The minifigure drawers each hold one common 25-30mm sized minifigure

Overall shelf dimensions:
Width - 6.5" Inches
Height - 8.5" Inches

Drawer dimensions:
Large Drawer
Width - 4.5" Inches
Depth - 1.4" Inches
Height - 1.14" Inches

Small Drawer
Width - 1.6" Inches
Depth - 1.3" Inches
Height - 1.04" Inches

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